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Project Description

Birth photography is about so much more than just the moment of birth; It is about capturing the moments leading up to and immediately following birth; it is about connection and power and support and love; it is about all the raw beauty and emotion that birth brings with it. Life’s important events are worth commemorating. The birth of your child will be one of the most significant events of your life. Let me capture it for you!

Woman embraces seconds-old baby in birthing pool, black and white image, home birth Vancouver
Newborn baby peeks out from under mother's chin while laying on her chest
Father's hand touches newborn baby
Midwife holds spring scale to weigh baby in sling
Newborn baby measured by midwives in bed at home
Newborn baby rests on bed after being born at home
Newborn baby blows bubbles resting on mother's chest
Woman rests between contractions in birthing tub in living room surrounded by midwife, doula & partner
Reflection of woman in hospital mirror as she uses nitrous oxide during a birthing contraction