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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”~ Ferris Bueller

Life is about the ordinary, the everyday and the imperfect. Don’t wait until you have that new outfit, you’re more fit or everyone has fresh haircuts before you book a photo session! Photos that capture you and your family as you are, today, will be cherished for generations.

Family Photojournalism

Small girl in superhero mask and cape leaps from steps into her dad's hands

These sessions capture your family’s day, or part of that day, as it unfolds. No posing, no perfectly matched outfits, no direction. Just life. Messy, unpredictable, normal life. This is my passion–capturing truth in tiny little moments.

Half Day

  • 2-3 hours of shooting, in your home to capture your regular everyday life, or on location (family picnic, trip to the beach—it’s your life, you tell me!) for up to 5 family members. $25 per person for each additional person. 35 high resolution digital images

Full Day

  • 5-7 hours of shooting as described.This can start early morning, to capture teeth brushing and breakfast, or later in the day to end off capturing dinner and bedtime routines.Make the session your own! 50 digital images

Lifestyle Photography

Father in plaid shirt with corrugated brown wall behind them holds 8 month old boy whose forehead is pressed against his mothers', all smiling

What’s the difference between family photojournalism and lifestyle sessions, you ask? Great question. Quite simply, it comes down to one thing: curation. Lifestyle sessions are somewhere between a portrait and a photojournalism session, with more attention paid to outfits, activities, direction and creating an overall narrative. There is no right or wrong or ‘better’, there’s only what is right for you. A lifestyle session is more likely to take place at a selected location or around a planned event, which can be as simple as baking cookies to a trip through a colourful market. Contact me to discuss which type of session might be right for you!


  • 2-3 hours long, with up to 20 minutes of posed or directed shooting. Like a documentary session, this will largely consist of undirected, unposed photographs. This session is perfect for the family that maybe wants to ensure one shot of everyone in the scene or any other particular request. 35 digital high-res images

Mini Sessions

A Family Photojournalism or Lifestyle session, compressed. These shorter sessions are perfect for those looking for just a few keepsake memories of the every day or of any special event. This is also the perfect session for those ‘Fresh 48’ photos of your newborn! In home or hospital. Contact me for more details.

Mini Session

  • 60-90 minutes in home or on location of your choosing. 15 edited, high resolution ‘best of’ images as chosen by me, or 10 of your choosing from a gallery of our session.

Birth Photography

Birth photography is fast becoming a known thing. It wasn’t long ago that the idea of having a professional photographer document the birth of your child was met with looks of shock and confusion. The industry is now expanding at a rapid pace, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Labour and birth are incredible, life-altering events that absolutely deserve to be captured professionally. Still unsure if birth photography is right for you? Contact me and I’ll walk you through how I work as a photographer in the setting of labour and birth.

Birth Photography

  • Coverage from active labour until approximately 2 hours following the birth of your baby. 50+ digital high-resolution images

Birth Photography & Doula

  • Labour support and birth photography as described on the Doula Services page. 50+ digital high resolution images

Corporate Photography

From food to flowers to products to offices to people, I’ll shoot it all. Packages and rates vary depending on number of images needed, number of people involved and final use of the images. Contact me to discuss your vision!

Corporate Photography