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My career as a photographer started out as it does for many: with the arrival of my own children, and my desire to capture more than iPhone images of them. That quickly grew to include the desire to capture the beauty in life all around me. For me, the most important part of photography is storytelling. I want my images to evoke a memory in those familiar with the content and spark the imagination of  those seeing it for the first time. This is how I very naturally almost fell into birth photography. As a doula, it was easy for me to bring a camera to a birth and capture some images for the family. I quickly discovered that physically taking photos wasn’t so difficult, but making good photos definitely required skill! I mentored under Morag Hastings at Apple Blossom Families and my love for birth photography grew, as did my ability to capture beautiful, tasteful, meaningful memories for birthing families.

Birth Photography

The term ‘birth photography’ often sets people on edge. Photographs….of birth?! Who would want to see “THAT”?  Well, as it happens, ‘THAT’ is one of the most stunning, amazing, transformative moments in life. We as a society place a lot of value on the importance of wedding photos. Birth photos are easily as valuable, if not more so, than wedding photos. People also often focus on the moment of birth when they hear the term birth photography, when the truth is that a gallery of birth photos depicts so much more than that. The ups (yes, they exist!) and downs of labour, the people involved in supporting the birth process, the events of the day as they unfold–these are all elements that add to the experience and make for a beautiful series of photographs.

When I chose a c-section for the birth of my staunchly-breech first daughter, my midwife took our small point-and-shoot into the OR and snapped photos of the procedure, of us meeting our daughter for the first time and of those early minutes as a new family. These images are amongst my most cherished. I wish those same captured memories for all birthing families. Peruse my gallery of birth photos to see what capturing the birth of your child can look like.

Family Photojournalism

I love literally viewing life through a lens and capturing the moments that make up the every day. Family photojournalism is all about capturing the good, the bad, and the less than perfect. Many houses have walls full of perfectly posed portraits and school photos. I have a  school photo gallery in my own home because hey, there’s something sentimental about those school photos! But making photos should also be about making memories and putting those on our walls. For me, capturing the reality and honesty in life is what makes for beautiful photographs. Check out some of my family work here.

Everything Else

While photographing families is what I do most, I always love a new challenge and do small business/corporate photos on request. Contact me to discuss your vision and to see if my style of photography might work for your project. You can view some of my corporate photography here.

“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life” – Joan Miró